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Cartoonist & Designer : Fatos Bozoguz
Cambridge News 2018
Cambridge News - 11 February 2018

London Post
London Turkish Post - February, 2006
As soon as she's arrived to London, she went to a few districts such as Camden Town Markets, Covent Gardens and Greenwich Market.. then she bought canvases, paints and pencils. Her stall was on in Greenwich Market after a couple of weeks preparation..

Online Newspaper - About Cambridge Market Stall of Grafis Cambridge.
8th of March 2006

1999, SABAH Newspaper / Istanbul
The First Grafi's Flash Animation News.

BT News
- Istanbul
Grafis for art lovers.
Cartoonist Fatos's drawings came together for her third individual exhibition of GRAFIS with a cocktail in Leman Culture Center - Istanbul.
The exhibition can be visited until February the 15th, 2001.

CUMHURiYET Newspaper - Istanbul, 2001
Cartoonist Fatos's & Her GRAFIS in Leman Culture Center - Istanbul.

Istanbul 1999
Milliyet Newspaper -Memetcan Demiray
Fatos's 2nd Individual Grafis Cartoons Exhibition will be open in Ortakoy Culture Centre in the 23rd of November.

MiLLi GAZETE - National Newspaper 2001

Black eyed exhibition..
Cartoonist Fatos's 3rd Grafis Exhibition will be opened Leman Culture Centre in Beyoglu, Istanbul.
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